Arts Degree Program in China - Musicology

1. Introduction

Musicology is the general name of all the theoretic disciplines of music. The general task of music science is to clarify the essence and law of them through various phenomena related to music. Such as study music and ideology, music aesthetics, music history, music ethnology, psychology of music, music education science; characteristics of music research material, acoustic music, musicology, musical instruments, etc.; and its composition of musical morphology research, melodies, harmonics, counterpoint, form and so on theory and technique of composition; and from performance aspect to consider, such as acting theory, direct method.

Musicology is divided into three major areas, history musicology, national musicology and systematic musicology.

Musicology has different research objects and focuses in different periods, in addition to the basic object of study, musicology also researches history and presents all personal and national music acts, namely the physical act of music, creation, performance, aesthetic behavior, accept, and learning behavior. Musicology majors mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of music history, music education, accept training in music theory and practice, has the basic ability of music research, teaching and so on.

2. Specific Subjects

Musicology can be divided into:

Music aesthetics, music society, music psychology, music ethnology (anthropology of music), comparative musicology, music education, music therapy, enjoy the music historiography, music archaeology, music morphology, temperament, musical acoustics, music creation, music, sound, music reviews, music philosophy.

3. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of music history, music education, accept training in music theory and practice, and have the basic ability of music research, teaching and so on.

4. Main Subjects

Art, education

5. Major Courses

Music history, music theory, Chinese and foreign folk music, education, aesthetics and composing technology theory, playing the piano and other instruments, basic music theory, solfeggio, vocal foundation, basic harmony, chorus and command based, basic piano introduction to art, folk music, music appreciation, analysis of middle school music teaching method, computer application foundation, theory and practice of computer application foundation, Fundamentals of piano practice, basic vocal practice, listening to music and acoustics, music, song writing, music education, music aesthetics, concise orchestration, songs piano accompaniment, vocal practice, songs piano accompaniment, vocal practice, graduation thesis.

The main practical teaching: including social practice, art practice and teaching practice, the general arrangement is 1-2 weeks per semester.

6. Knowledge and Ability

1), master the basic theory of music;

2), master the analysis method of music;

3), with the basic ability to engage in the professional work;

4), understand the principles, policies and regulations of the arts and literature;

5), understand the development of the professional and related disciplines;

6), master the basic method of document retrieval, data query, with certain scientific research and practical work ability.

7. Music Analysis 

Object of music analysis

Task of music analysis

The historical development of music analysis

8. Employment Direction

Graduates mainly go to the higher and medium professional or ordinary colleges and universities, social art organizations, art research institutions and cultural institutions, publishing, broadcasting, film and television departments for teaching, research, editing, review, management and other aspects.

9. Similar Programs

Composition and composition technology theory, musical performances, painting, sculpture, art, art design, art design, dance, choreography, drama, acting, directing, theatre, film and television literature, film and television drama, art design, photography, recording arts, animation, broadcast and presided over the art, art, film and television, convention and exhibition of art and technology, landscape architectural design, digital media art.


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