Arts Degree Program in China - News Editing and Production

1. Introduction

News Editing and Production program mainly cultivates specialized personnel engaged in program editing, directing and creating for various television stations, radio stations, newspapers offices and publicity media, enabling students to master the skills of editing, video, photography, broadcast, etc., to master the multimedia computer technology.

2. Training Objectives

(1) The direction of the announcer and the host. Cultivate senior specialized personnel with professional theoretical knowledge and skills of radio and television, broadcasting and hosting and with broadcasting and hosting professional culture and art expression ability, and master modern radio and television high-tech media means and computer skills, integrating “collecting, editing, broadcast”;

(2) The direction of media reporters and editors. Cultivate application-oriented specialized talents with advanced technology and innovative spirit, with professional knowledge and professional skills of radio, television, newspapers, Internet and other news media editing and production, and can be engaged in news gathering, shooting, editing, writing, commentary.

3. Major Courses

Introduction to journalism, radio television introduction, Chinese and foreign history of Journalism and communication, news commentary, writing, news gathering and writing, news editing, radio television, radio and television host, media operation and management, computer aided design, web page design and making, electronic commerce.

Modular curriculum teaching system can be divided into four categories:

Public foundation: the higher mathematics, physical education, computer culture foundation, computer technology foundation and other courses.

Cultural basis: basic writing, modern Chinese, Chinese ancient literature, Chinese modern and contemporary literature, the introduction of Chinese culture, aesthetics, foreign literature, etc.

Program basis: communication, journalism, history of Foreign Journalism, history of journalism, Chinese security introduction etc.

Professional courses: news interview, news writing, newspaper editing, editing and broadcast program planning and production, news photography, video, Internet news editing, journalism ethics and regulations, safety journalism and advertising.

Extension modules: news psychology, language and media, broadcasting and hosting, advertising design, social etiquette, practical writing, thesis writing, news writing, news monographic report, the present situation of the world media research, Chinese and foreign famous news selections, media management and so on.

4. Knowledge and Ability

1) Have good scientific and cultural, moral and physical and psychological quality.

2) Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of news editing and production necessary; understand the principles of journalism and propaganda, policies and regulations; with a nose for news and news quality.

3) With the necessary basic skills of the professional, master the means and methods of news dissemination.

4) A good self-learning ability and the ability of analyzing, solving problems, with certain professional practice ability, accept the news interview, writing, editing, criticism, photography, video, production and basic training.

5. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in radio stations, television stations, newspapers, magazines, network companies and other units for the news broadcast, hosting, interviews, editing, program production and other work, can also be engaged in major government agencies and enterprises for propaganda, culture, public relations, modern secretarial work. In particular skilled news talents who not only understand the news theory, but also understand the network operation have a wide range of market prospect.

6. Program Highlights

Emphasis on practical teaching: the program emphasizes the practical ability of students; professional courses are combined with the actual project. Through a large number of professional practice to make graduates have strong practical ability and professional competence. Graduates can take part in the examination of the qualification of the network editor, and obtain the professional qualification certificate of the network editor.


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