Arts Degree Program in China - Performance

1. Introduction

Performance refers to playing music, playing the script, recite poems and other direct or by means of technical equipment like voice, expression, action, to realize public reproduction of works.

Performance program cultivates senior specialized personnel that master the performing arts, basic theory and basic skills, able to different characters in the creation of the independently in the theater, opera, film, television and dance performances.

2. Performing Arts

Performance art is the art of creating images, expressing emotions, emotions, and thus expressing the life by singing, playing or human action and expression of human body. A representative category is usually music and dance. Sometimes the acrobatics, magic comic, also included performing arts.

3. Vocational Education

Direction of film and television performance

Drama performance direction

Ballet performance

The direction of Wushu Performance

Movie and TV special effects

Cartoon direction

Animation direction of film and television

Direction of film and television director

Direction of photography

Drama film and television management

4. Film and Television Show

The film performance is the art of acting in front of the camera. The performance of both the film and the drama are the same as the performing arts, which has the same basic law. The film performance has inherited the principles and methods of the performance, which is suitable for the performance of the film, however, it is different from the performance of the play. The actors perform on stage and directly communicate with the audience. The actor's performance is the final image of the audience. The film actor's performance is indirectly through the screen to communicate with the audience, the actor in front of the camera performance is not the final image of the audience to feel.

5. Main Courses

Performing basic theory, basic skills, lines, shapes, vocal music, art, film and television theoretical basis, performance repertoire, art theory, literature training courses

6. Practice Teaching

Combine teaching; organize students to participate in social practice and art practice, business learning and other activities.

7. Main Subjects


8. Training Objectives

The program cultivates specialized personnel with systematic culture and theory, comprehensive literary and artistic quality, extensive professional knowledge, creative ability and good cooperation ability and qualified for film and television many types of role performance.

9. Training Requirements

The students mainly study the drama, drama, film, dance, music, and aspects of performing arts basic knowledge, basic theory and basic skills, subject to relevant theory, development history and research status of education and working as a professional for the basic training for the professional ability.

10. Knowledge and Skills 

1). Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of performing arts;

2). with the basic ability to shape the image of the arts;

3). to understand China's literary and artistic principles, policies and regulations:

4). to understand the status and development of art creation and theory;

5). Master the basic method of document retrieval and data query, which has certain theoretical research and writing ability.

11. Similar Programs

Musicology, composition and composition techniques, musical performances, painting, sculpture, art, art design, art design, dance learn dance choreographer, theatre, acting, directing, theatre, film and television literature, drama, film and TV art design, photography, recording arts, animation, broadcast audio and presided over the art, art, video, exhibition of art and technology, landscape architectural design, digital media art

12. Employment Prospects

Graduates can be engaged in the TV stations, TV production center, various film and television production company, crew, performing arts groups, research units, each unit Party Communist League, culture to transmit a company for the work of the performance, management, planning, organization, etc.


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