Arts Degree Program in China - Photography

1. Introduction

Photography refers to the process of using some special equipment for image recording; we generally use a mechanical camera or digital camera for photography. Sometimes photography can also be called taking photos, which is the process of exposing the photosensitive medium through the light reflected by the object.

Program photography trains senior specialized personnel with a wide range of scientific and cultural and artistic theory knowledge, with film, television, advertising, photography camera ability, can be engaged in the movie and TV production department, advertising department, audio and video publishing departments engaged in photographic art creation, teaching and research work.

2. Exposure Process

In photography, light is through the keyhole (most of the time is a lens group) entering the cassette, in the cassette back (relative to the direction of the incident light) medium imaging. According to the difference of the light intensity and the medium sensitive ability, the illumination time is different. In the process of illumination, the medium is light sensitive.

3. Post Production

After the completion of the photograph, the image information retained by the media must be read again by the human eye. The concrete method depends on the light sensitive method and the medium characteristic. For the film camera, there will be fixing, developing, chemical amplification process. For a digital camera, you need to process the image through the computer, and then through the output of other electronic devices.

4. Devices Used

Generally speaking, people use visible light to take photos; the most commonly used is the camera. Because of the difference of the scene and the use, the camera has a lot of classification. General speaking, the camera should have several basic parts to ensure that the exposure process, which includes: a photosensitive medium, imaging lens, exposure time control mechanism, a film cassette, storage medium, electronic sensor, electronic storage medium.

5. Category of Photography

Still-life photography

Portrait photography

Record photography

Art photography

Pictorial photography

Commercial photography

Ink photography


6. Photography Schools

1). Painting photography

2). Impressionism photography

3). Realistic photography

4). Naturalistic photography

5). Pure photography

6). Neue Sachlichkeit photography

7). Ultra realistic photography

8). Abstract photography

9). Scandinavian photography

10). Dada photography

11). Subjective photography

7. Photographic Terminology

Hyper focal length, focal length, aperture, shutter, shutter speed, depth of field, depth of field preview, picture composition, ISO, color temperature, white balance

8. Photography Light

Front light, side light, backlight, direct light, scattered light

9. Photographic Photometry

Multi zone metering, central point average metering, spot metering

10. Major Courses

Art foundation, art appreciation, lighting technology, photography technology and techniques, photography composition, stunt photography, non-linear editing, photography modeling, advertising photography, television photography, film and television animation, film and television drama, picture photography etc

Core courses: digital photography practical skills, digital image, the photography composition, the aesthetics of photography, photography lighting, photography exposure control, digital graphics image making; news photography, documentary photography, landscape architectural photography, folk art, photography, both inside and outside the scene photography of gauze, business advertising photography, flat color composition, layout design, a world history of photography, history of Chinese photography, photography appreciation course.

Teaching: including understanding practice, graduation practice, etc. Understanding internship is finished in the winter, summer holidays; the completion of graduation internship is arranged 20 weeks.

11. Training Requirements

Students mainly study art, literature and aesthetics. The basic theory and basic knowledge of film, television, advertising and so on art and technology, photography, receive basic training in film and television photography, advertising and other aspects production, master basic capabilities of photography, film and television photography, advertising photography and photography creation.

12. Knowledge and Ability

1) Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of photography;

2) Master the film, television, advertising, photography, photography and production methods;

3) understand the art, the press, policies and regulations;

4) Understand the film, television, advertising art theory front, application prospects and development trends;

5) Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query, and have certain scientific research and practical work ability;

6) Have a high theoretical training, creative ability and practical ability.

13. Training Objectives

Photography program is to develop senior application-oriented specialized personnel with an international opinion and vision, understand the operation of the law of business vision, engaged in commercial photography, fashion photography, image design.

14. Employment Prospects

Graduates are suitable to be employed in advertising companies, film and television drama production company, the news media, newspapers magazines, periodicals, press, wedding photo studio, cultural propaganda department and other relevant institutions engaged in photographic camera, film and television production, computer graphic design, advertising planning and production, propaganda and cultural, social education, commercial photography work.

15. Similar Programs

Musicology, composition and composition technology theory, musical performances, painting, sculpture, art, art design, art design, dance, choreography, drama, acting, directing, theatre, film and television literature, drama, film and television art design, photography, recording arts, animation, broadcast and presided over the art, art, film and television, convention and exhibition of art and technology, landscape architectural design, digital media art.


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