Arts Degree Program in China - Product Design

1. Introduction

Product Design, a creative integrated information processing process, through a variety of elements such as lines, symbols, numbers, colors and other means of combination of the shape of the product in the form of planar or three-dimensional display. It is people need some kind of purpose or conversion to a specific physical or tools; to be a plan, planning idea, and problem solving method, through the specific operation, expressed in a form of ideal process.

Product design program is a set of human art and computer technology in an integrated discipline and the program trains high-quality skilled talents with a good industrial product art design accomplishment and quality, who master the necessary product modeling design of professional theory knowledge and strong practical ability.

2. Principles

Intimacy, alignment, contrast, repetition

3. Design Requirements

1) Requirements for social development

2) Requirements for economic efficiency

3) Using requirements

4) Manufacturing process requirements

4. Design Steps

1) Pre project communication

2) Market research

3) Product planning

4) Conceptual design

5) Exterior design

6) Structural design

7) Circuit design

8) Software design

9) Pilot tracking

10) Market feedback

5. Design Methods

1) Combination design

2) Computer aided design

3) Object oriented design

6. Basic Principles

Demand principle, information principle, innovation principle, system principle, the principle of convergence, the principle of optimization, the principle of inheritance, the principle of efficiency, the principle of time, the principle of simplification, the principle of audit

7. Emotional Factors

(1) Reflect the sensitivity of the product through the design of the relationship between people and tools.

(2) By selecting the appropriate modeling materials to increase the product's emotional components.

(3) By studying the aesthetic way of modern people to express the sensibility of the products.

(4) Through the study of the relationship between the phenomenon and the form of the object, to explore the reason and the performance of the product.

8. Scope of Service

Product design is a collection of art, culture, history, engineering, materials, economics and other disciplines of knowledge of the integrated product. Product design is mainly to coordinate the relationship between the product and the human, the realization of the product of human function and humanistic aesthetic quality requirements. Including man-machine engineering, design and other design, and is responsible for the selection of technical types, and to coordinate the relationship between the technical units of products, products and natural environment, product technology and production process.

9. Design Process

Typical product design process includes four stages: concept development and product planning stage, detailed design stage, small scale production stage, incremental production stage.

10. Major Courses

Design sketch, design color, plane composition, three-dimensional structure, computer aided design, thinking and creativity, design introduction, performance techniques, etc. Curriculum of various schools is set up according to the direction of training and teaching characteristics vary: some focus on home decoration, some focus on textile, some focus on ceramics. Some focus on the design of public facilities, and some focus on the appearance of industrial products.

11. Employment Prospects

Graduates majoring in product design can be engaged in lots of jobs: such as in Internet, mobile phones, electronic, textile, machinery, instruments and meters, transportation, home, home appliances, luxury goods, decorations, arts and crafts, daily necessities, food, tourism products, such as the industry engaged in product development, design, display design, interactive design, facilities design work can; can also be engaged in product development and related media, printing, packaging, advertising, marketing and other research and management work; also can be engaged in teaching, scientific research, product research and advisory work in colleges and universities.

12. Professional Quality

Design ability, drawing foundation, creation ability, planning ability, logical thinking ability and so on are all the qualities that the product design talent must possess. Design ability and picture is the language designer, although now with method of computer, model and rendering tools can be more fully express the designer idea, but the paper pen painting is still the most simple, direct and fast method. The most important imagination and thinking process is mostly carried out by simple paper and pen. At the same time, careful thinking can improve the rigor of the product, creative ability and innovative thinking to develop new products and new market structure.


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