Arts Degree Program in China - Public Art

1. Introduction

Public Art program is a kind of art. The program is based on the comprehensive professional foundation and public art specialty basic course learning content, respectively researches and studies various public art theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge, covering the content of integrated public art form of ontology, the art form, writing form, creative ideas, methods, techniques and aesthetic consciousness.

2. The Value of Public Art

1) Public art is the idea of the city, and it is a form of contemporary culture.

2) Public art is a sign of the mature development of a city.

3. Ability to Develop

Public art program cultivates professionals in the open public space for the creation of art and the corresponding urban environment design. Pay attention to the cultivation of student's innovation ability and practice ability, students through the art modeling ability training, master rule of modern urban public landscape, public buildings, public gardens, and other space styling and engineering design and construction capability.

4. Required Ability by Graduates

(1) Systematic professional ability in public art designs, including: research, planning, design, innovation, production, installation of indoor and outdoor public facilities and decoration design project, etc.

(2) Master a variety of materials properties and processing technology.

(3) The comprehensive application ability of engineering technology, high processing technology, computer technology and so on in public design.

(4) Cultivate independent thinking ability and innovative thinking, including teamwork, personality expression and the ability of the modern concept of art.

5. Main Courses

Decoration basics, sculpture foundation, materials and technology, architecture and environmental design, spatial shape design, display design, public landscape design, landscape architecture design, public facilities design, environmental sculpture, murals and reliefs, digital graphic processing.

6. Employment Direction

Graduates can be engaged in municipal planning departments at all levels, transportation departments, construction and planning departments, all kinds of design institutes and other government departments and business units for the design, research, teaching and management, etc.

7. Similar Programs

Painting, sculpture, fine arts, art design, photography, art, music technology and art, Chinese painting, history, ethnology, etc


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