Arts Degree Program in China - Recording Arts

1. Introduction

Recording Arts is recording down the sound that exists in the nature and the sound created by people for some kinds of need. The program has a high-quality requirement on sound recording and processing, CD, MP3 music, TV, broadcast and movie sound effects, music, dialogue and so on go through a series of long process by the professional staff, through sound recording, mixing, played by all kinds of electrical appliance speakers (such as CD players, TV, speakers, headphones, and so on) according to people’s need of use. The effect last played out is also the best sound effect. Generally recorded sound quality is higher than the CD sound quality (CD is recorded after the compression format). (MP3, wma, MPEG, m4a format are the compression formats after CD (sound quality has lost an awful lot, but capacity will become very small, and is suitable for mass storage. FLAC, ape format are lossless compression format, sound quality is based on CD quality but the capacity will be relatively reduced a lot.

Students of recording arts are equipped with high artistic quality and culture, have a profound knowledge of music, familiar with a variety of recording equipment, and master certain recording theories and skills, senior specialized talents to perform sound (audio) design, recording in radio, television, film arts and culture departments.

2. Training Requirements

Recording arts students mainly study basic theory and basic knowledge of music, radio, film and television recording, by sound recording, the art of basic training, master the basic ability in voice (sound) design and audio production, art dealing.

3. Knowledge and Ability

1). master the basic theory and basic knowledge of sound design method, acoustics, digital audio and music;

2). master circuit analysis methods and recording technology; with audio program recording, post production and the basic ability of electronic music production;

3). master the techniques and skills of recording craft, recording art creation and so on;

4). know the front and development trend of audio program recording, and have the ability of scientific research and practical work;

5). understand the policies and regulations of the art, news and publishing;

6). master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query.

4. Main Courses

Main subjects: Art

Main courses: music theory, solfeggio, piano, harmony, orchestration, musical form and works analysis, history of western music, pick up sound technology, recording technology, audio technology, acoustic based, the studio acoustic and electroacoustic science basis, audio-visual language, film sound analysis, recording system, program sound subjective evaluation, frequency measurement, digital audio principle and application.

The main practical teaching: 2 weeks for recognition internship, 22 weeks for graduation practice.

5. Similar Programs

Musicology, composing and theory and technology, music, art, design science, design art, dance school, choreographer, theatre, acting, directing, theatre, film and television literature, recording arts, animation, broadcast and presided over the art, film and television, the exhibition of art and technology, digital media art

6. Employment Prospects

Film, television, singing and other forms of art cannot be separated from the recording. With the increasing prosperity of the film and television music, the demand for professional recording talent is also very large. Recording work has a strong technical requirement, the graduates in addition to work in the entertainment industry, but also can stay in the university to teach and engage in research and development work


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