Arts Degree Program in China - Sculpture

1. Introduction

Sculpture refers to ornamental objects and monuments which are used to beautify the city or to commemorate the significance of sculpture, with a certain meaning, symbol, or sculpture is a kind of plastic arts.

Sculpture, also known as engraving, a general term of three methods of creation: carving, cutting, modeling. Refers to the use of a variety of plastic materials (such as gypsum, resin, clay and so on) or hard material can be carved, engraved (such as wood, stone, metal, jade, agate, aluminum, glass, steel, sandstone, copper), create an artistic image with certain space visible, you can touch the artistic image, whereby anti reflection of social life, the expression of the artist's aesthetic experience, aesthetic emotion, aesthetic ideal of art. Through the carving, carving, reducing the material of the material can be carved, plastic through the pile of plastic material to achieve the purpose of artistic creation.

Sculpture program trains senior specialized personnel in the plastic arts modeling range with specialized basic sketch and clay, wood, stone, pottery, metal material ability of figurative and abstract sculpture, engaged in the professional creative design, production and enlargement in the specialized field of urban outdoor public environment sculpture and interior shelf sculpture, and engaged in the teaching and research work.

2. Categories

Bronze sculpture, stone carving, wood carving, ivory carving, bone carving, carving, jade carving, lacquer carving, glass and steel sculpture, carving, sculpture, clay sculpture, sculpture, ceramic sculpture, gypsum

From the development point of view, the sculpture can be divided into traditional sculpture and modern sculpture. Traditional sculpture is created with traditional materials in visual and touch, static 3D art form; modern sculpture with new materials, using sound, light, electricity and other production of anti traditional four-dimensional spaces or five-dimensional sculpture, sound and light sculpture and soft sculpture, kinetic sculpture.

According to environment and the function, sculpture can be divided into urban sculpture, garden sculpture, indoor sculpture, outdoor sculpture, a sculpture of a desk, shelf sculpture.

3. Forms

Circular engravure


Openwork carving

4. Function

According to its function, sculpture can be roughly divided into commemorative sculpture, theme sculpture, decorative sculpture, functional sculpture and display sculpture.

5. Sculpture Material

Granite, marble, sandstone, wrought copper, cast copper, stainless steel, glass steel, clay, concrete sculpture (cement sculpture), dough figurines

6. Tools

Carving knife, stone carving, stone carving hammer, wood carving knife, bow, proportional bow, point type instrument

7. Modern Urban Sculpture

Landscape sculpture

City theme sculpture

Campus sculpture

Engineering sculpture

8. Training Requirements

The students mainly learn the basic theory knowledge of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign three-dimensional modeling, receive basic training in plane and stereo image, master clay and hard material means facing the natural object three-dimensional painting, and basic ability of the creative design.

9. Core Competencies

1) Understand and master the basic theoretical knowledge of three-dimensional modeling;

2) Master and apply the technology and basic method of modeling design creation in three dimensional spaces;

3) With the basic capabilities in use of clay and hard material of relief and dynamic characters and abstract modeling sketches and creative design;

4) Understand and master the principles and policies of the national art and literature and the design and production of urban public environment;

5) understand the domestic and foreign modeling area of the theory of the status and development trends;

6) Master the basic methods of literature search, data query and text representation, and have the ability of primary research and writing.

10. Practice Teaching

Ancient landscape sculpture copying; human portraits, human emboss, circular engravure sketch; emboss, circular engravure creation composition; ancient sculpture art inspection

11. Main Courses

China and foreign art history, sketch portrait painting, figure sketch and composition, plaster sculpture, sketch portrait painting, clay sculpture characters of head portrait, figures outdoor painting, sculpture composition sketch of body painting, clay sculpture bust sketch, copying clay body painting, stereo and traditional sculpture, decorative sculpture, sculpture and mural, urban landscape and sculpture, sculpture outdoor painting, sculpture material and use, hard material foundation and creative practice, sculpture works production, etc.


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