Arts Degree Program in China - Television Camera

1. Introduction

Television Camera is a practical science that uses television camera to shoot TV pictures. It requires students to master the related theoretical knowledge and can put into practice, through the practice to cultivate practical ability, through the process of practice, consolidate and verify the knowledge and put the theory into practice.

2. Main Content

1) TV picture

2) Modeling elements of television camera

3) Fixed picture

4) Moving camera

5) Optical lens and its application

6) The picture performance of light and color

7) TV scene scheduling

8) The basic quality requirements for the TV cameraman

3. Training Objectives

The students should have a wide range of theoretic knowledge in scientific culture and art, with the ability in film, television, advertising, picture photography and video recording. The program is to cultivate senior specialized talents in photography art creation, teaching and research work engaged in film factory, television production departments, advertising agencies, audio and video publishing departments

4. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theory and knowledge of photography;

2) Master the photography creation and production methods of film, television, advertising and pictures;

3) Understand the policies and regulations of art and news;

4) Understand the theory front, the application prospects and development trends of film, television and advertising art;

5) Master the basic method of document retrieval, data query, with certain scientific research and practical work ability;

6) With a high theoretical training, creative ability and practical ability.

5. Employment Prospects

Film factory, television production department, advertising department, audio and video publishing department engaged in photography art creation, teaching and research work.


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