Arts Degree Program in China - Visual Communication Design

1. Introduction

Visual Communication Design refers to according to the specific design purpose, analyzes and concludes the information and conducts design and creation through the basic elements: text, graphics, color, shape, etc. to convey visual information to the audience and impact on the audience. Visual communication design is the active behavior of the visual form for the communication of a particular thing. Its main function is to play the role of communication and promotion. Most or partly depends on vision, and to identify, layout, painting, graphic design, illustration, color and electronic equipment, such as the image of the two degree space. In the process of visual communication design, a phenomenon is found: communication, education, and persuasion of the audience with the image of the text will have a greater impact. The implication is that, in a certain kind of purpose, to convey some specific information to the object, and to convey the object of the object to be conveyed. The so-called "visual symbols", as the name implies, refers to the human visual organ -- the eyes can see to things certain properties of the symbols, such as photography, television, movies, art, building, all kinds of product design, urban construction and various scientific, text, including stage design, music, heraldry, numismatics, are with the eyes can see, they all belong to the visual symbols. The so-called "communicate", refers to the sender using symbols to convey information to the recipient process, it can be a body to convey, may also be among individuals communicated, as all creatures, man and nature, people and the environment as well as the body of information conveying. It includes who, what, to whom, the effect of communication, the impact of how these four procedures.

Designers of visual communication design are also known as graphic designers, and are distinguished from industrial designers, fashion designers, web designers and IT workers.

2. Major Courses

Design basis, brand design, advertising design, packaging design, layout design, etc.

3. Knowledge and Skills

1) Master the basic theory and basic knowledge of graphic design;

2) Master the professional skills and methods of visual communication design;

3) With the ability to independently carry out the design of visual communication design;

4) understand the economic, cultural and artistic causes, policies and regulations;

5) understand the development dynamics of graphic design;

6) Master the basic methods of document retrieval and data query.

4. Main Features

Visual communication design is represented by the visual media and to convey to the audience's design, which embodies the design characteristics of the times and the rich connotation, the field with the progress of science and technology, new energy and materials development and application of expanding and other areas cross each other, and gradually formed a and other visual media association and interaction in the field of the new design. Its contents include: printing design, book design, display design, image design, and visual environment design (that is, the public living space logo and color design of public environment), etc.

5. Area

(1) Font design

(2) Logo design

(3) Illustration design

(4) Layout design

(5) Advertising design

(6) Packaging design

(7) Display design

6. Basic Elements

The elements of visual communication design are summed up as three basic elements: text, graphics and color.

7. Employment Prospects

After graduation, students can be engaged in the graphic design department of advertising companies, design companies as a graphic designer, as the art editor at graphic design departments in TV stations, newspaper agencies, and magazine agencies, large sites such as media units; in business planning department as a graphic designer and others.


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