Zhejiang Normal University

Accommodation in Zhejiang Normal University (Jinhua), China

The International Office will assign housing based on academic program, funding source and student preferences. Students who come for language programs or undergraduate studies live in the International Student Dormitory. Students in graduate degree programs typically live in the Qiming Dormitory, which is exclusively for graduate students, though rooms in the International Student Dormitory may be assigned upon request.

The International Student Dormitory and Qiming Dormitory provide double-occupancy rooms with ensuite bathrooms. All rooms have internet access, hot water and heater/air-conditioner units, and come furnished with beds, desks and chairs, desktop bookshelf and a closet/wardrobe. Common kitchens and laundry rooms are available on each floor of the dorms. A few single-occupancy rooms are available upon request. The International Office will assign roommates based on gender, home country, religion and background.

Students who wish to live off-campus must notify the International Office. Scholarship funds for housing can only be applied to on-campus housing. Scholarship students who choose to live off-campus must pay for their accommodation by themselves.

Students whose scholarships including housing will be assigned to a double-occupancy room unless they specifically request a single-occupancy room and pay the difference in cost on their own.



The final information is subject to the University If there is any discrepancy!