Zhejiang Normal University

Overseas Students at Zhejiang Normal University (Jinhua), China

Zhejiang Normal University provides a varied international environment with about 600 international students from five continents and well over 50 countries represented each year. Living and studying on campus, international students have many opportunities to develop friendships with Chinese students and teachers as well as with other internationals. There is a high retention rate as many students choose to extend their study beyond their original plan for additional training or degree study. In turn, they contribute to the experience and culture of the campus for the Chinese students, bringing diversity in culture and background that can improve their global awareness and communication abilities. 

Zhejiang Normal University's international student community has a very diverse profile. Major relationships with universities in Ukraine, Cameroon, and Korea account for the bulk of the international student population, but students come from countries all across the globe.

There are many exciting activities provided for international students throughout the academic year. Some of them allow students to showcase traditions and skills from their home countries; others provide a chance to develop and perform newly-learned skills related to Chinese language and culture.

Every year brings different opportunities and events. Past activities have included: various competitions involving Chinese language, cultural/historical knowledge, and talent in traditional Chinese skills like calligraphy and martial arts; New Year's talent shows; food festivals; and more! Students are not required to participate, but their contributions are welcomed and encouraged.

Though China is quickly rising as a global power, for many local people Zhejiang Normal University's international students are their first interaction with the world outside their country's borders. International students are often viewed as representatives of their home country's culture and people, so students are encouraged to conduct themselves in a way that will create positive impressions and relationships for future intercultural interactions.

Short-term cultural study tours can be designed for groups of students from foreign institutions who want to study Chinese language or culture at Zhejiang Normal University. These tours can be arranged for anywhere from two weeks to three months and can accommodate varying group sizes, varying ages, and varying budgets. Tours are customizable and can be adapted according to the needs of each group or institution.  

Cultural study tours typically include accommodation and meals on Zhejiang Normal University's campus and special classes arranged with university faculty. Potential topics range from Chinese language, arts, and history to business practices and children's literature. Classes can be taught in Chinese or English. Local travel in the Jinhua area is easy to set up, and travel to national destinations can be arranged as well.



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