Zhejiang Normal University

English Medium Programs in Zhejiang Normal University (Jinhua), China

1. Bachelor Degree/Undergraduate Programs in English Medium: 

 - Duration: 4 years

Details please read at Bachelor Degree Programs 

1)International Economics and Trade

2)Financial Management

3)Electronic Business

4)Environmental Science

5)Applied Chemistry


7)Software Engineering

8)Electronic and Information Engineering

9)Material Physics

10)Machine Design & Manufacturing and Automation


12)Traffic and Transportation Engineering

13)Material Science and Engineering.

2. Master Degree/Postgraduate/PG Programs in English Medium:

- Duration:  2-3 years

Details please read at Master Degree Programs

14)Comparative Education

15)Master of Business Administration (Specializing in International Trade)

16)Science of Business Administration (Specializing in Marketing Management)

17)Science of Business Administration (Specializing in International Business Management) 

18)Environmental Science

19)Computer Intelligent Control and Electromechanical Engineering

20)Software Engineering

21)Optical Engineering

22)Functional Material Physics and Devices

23)Environmental Engineering

24)Geographical Environment and Pollution Control

25)Public Administration

26)Social Work


28)Computer Science and Technology

29)Physics(Functional Material Physics and Devices)

30) Public Administration (Specializing in Public Administration)

31)Master of Public Administration (Specializing in Healthcare Management)

32)Public Administration (Specializing in Student Affairs)

33)Public Administration (Specializing in Education Management)

34)Public Administration (Specializing in Culture Management)

35)Public Administration (Specializing in Cultural Communication Management)

36)Business Administration (Specializing in Human Resource Management)

37)Public Administration

38)Principles of Education

39)Curriculum & Methodology

40)History of Education

41)Adult Education

42)Teacher Education

43)Basic Psychological Studies

44)Developmental and Educational Psychology

45)Applied Psychology

46)Education Technology

47)Educational Economics and Management

48)Early Childhood Education

49)Special Education

50)Developmental and Educational Psychology

51)Human Kinesiology and Science

52)World History

53)European and American History

54)History of International Relations

55)History of Cultural Exchange Between China and Other Countries

56)English Language and Literature

57)Translation Studies

58)Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

59)Foreign Language Curriculum and Teachers’ Development

60)Chinese Painting

61)Oil Painting

62)Harmonic Analysis and Application

63)Nonlinear Functional Analysis

64)Complex Analysis

65)Operator Theory and Operator Algebra

66)Power System Branch and Chaos

67)Partial Differential Equations and Fluid Mechanics

68)Mathematical Physics

69)Combinatorial Mathematics

70)Graph Theory

71)Network Optimization and Algorithm Analysis

72)Algebra and Number Theory

73)Numerical Approximation

74)Abstract Approximation

75)Optimization Theory

76)Computational Biology

77)Probability and Statistic

78)Control Theory

79)Theoretical Physics

80)Condensed Matter Physics



83)Soliton and Integrable Systems

84)Complex Network System

85)Biological Information Systems Theory

86)Mathematical Statistics


88)Economic Statistics

89)Sensors and Signal Detection

90)Image and Multimedia Signal Processing

91)Internet Technology and Application

92)Software Requirements Engineering & Applications

93)Artificial Intelligence

94)High Trusted Computing & Parallel Computing

95)Pattern Recognition and Image Processing

96)Network Optimization and Algorithm

97)Smart Sensing Technology

98)System Modeling and Verification of Agent

99)Embedded System

100)Software Engineering Theory

101)Software Technology and Applications

102)Services Engineering Oriented Big Data

103)Inorganic Chemistry

104)Analytical Chemistry

105)Organic Chemistry

106)Physical Chemistry

107)Polymer Chemistry & Physics





112)Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

113)Biodiversity Conservation

114)Ecological Security and Repair

115)Pollution Ecology

116)Development and Utilization of Biological Resources

117)Soil Resources and Ecology

118)Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control

119)Regional Economics

120)Business Administration


122)Technology Economy and Management

123)Tourism Management

124)International Business Management

125)Rural Development Management

126)Physical Geography

127)Human Geography

128)Cartography and Geographic Information Systems

129)Geographical Environment and Pollution Control

130)Educational Studies of Vocational Techniques

131)Computer Intelligent Control and Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

132)Intelligent Transportation

133)International Politics

134)International Relations

135)African Education

136)History and Culture of Africa

137)Higher Education

138)Social Work



141)Early Childhood Education

142)Applied Psychology

143)Sports (Specializing in Exercise Training)

144)Art (Specializing in Painting)

145)Art (Specializing in Artistic Designing)

146)Engineering (Specializing in Software Engineering)

147)Engineering (Specializing in Environmental Engineering)

148)Agricultural Extension(Specializing in Crops)

149)Agricultural Extension(Specializing in Cultivation)

150)Agricultural Extension(Specializing in Rural and Regional Development)

151)Agricultural Extension(Specializing in Agricultural Science, Technology organization and Service)

3. Doctoral Degree/PHD Programs in English Medium:

- Duration: 3 years

Details please read at Doctoral Degree Programs

1)Principles of Education

2)Comparative Study of Education

3)Study of Preschool Education

4)Study of Higher Education

5)Basic Mathematics

6)Applied Mathematics

7)Operational Research and Cybernetics

8)Philosophy of Education

9)Comparison of International Education Policy

10)Education in Africa

11)Children Development and Early Education

12)Children Development and Education Policy

13)Principles of Higher Education

14)Higher Education Management

15)Harmonic Analysis and Its Applications

16)Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

17)Differential Equations and Dynamical System

18)Graph Theory



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