Zhengzhou University

Overseas Students at Zhengzhou University, China

International education of Zhengzhou University started in 1984, Zhengzhou University is one of the earliest universities that accept international students in China. It is the only one among colleges and universities of Henan province to accept the Chinese government scholarship to foreign students. 

At present, there are approximately 1,600 overseas students from 60 countries or areas studying in Zhengzhou University. The graduates of Zhengzhou University have made important contributions to the development of their home countries.

The School of International Education (SIE) is in charge of every aspect of international students at Zhengzhou University. The School of International Education offers English instructed undergraduate and postgraduate programs to international students, and it has carried out in-depth exchange and cooperation with world renowned institutions in various aspects; it will further strengthen its cooperation with overseas educational institutions by establishing vigorous platforms for future achievements.



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